OGC Nice Season Ticket Offers

For your greatest pleasure, the 4 matches (league phase) of the UEFA Europa League 24/25 are included in every subscription experience.

Are you a new subscriber? You can now book a "Pack Europe" at the most advantageous rate in the "My orders" section of your customer area. This will guarantee you your usual seat for the entire European Cup league phase.


Designed for a family audience, the Emotion offer is particularly well suited to those for whom an evening at the match should be enjoyed together, in front of the game (Ray stand), and at some of the best prices in the stadium.

The seats for this experience are usually located close to the fan groups.

  • 17 Ligue 1 McDonald's matches

  • 4 UEFA Europa League matches (league phase)

  • First Coupe de France home match included

  • All the common benefits (see below)

  • From €19.92/month*


*Price calculated on 12 monthly instalments

The new subscriber recognizes that his OGC NICE subscription includes the European Cup - Europa League Pack for the 2024/2025 season. At the time of tacit renewal of the subscription for the following sports seasons, the subscriber is informed that in the event of OGC NICE's participation in another European competition or in the event of non-participation in a European competition, the pricing of the renewed subscription will be adjusted accordingly.

Common benefits


Our team has qualified for the European Cup for the 24/25 season!

For more information on the UEFA Europa League, click here ⤵️



  • This season, your season ticket will be delivered in digital format! It will be available in your personal space in e-card or e-ticket format. As well as giving you greater peace of mind and freedom, this new feature is part of the club's drive to reduce plastic consumption.

  • Can't make it to one of your matches at the Allianz Riviera, or simply want to treat someone else? Print out an e-ticket for your season ticket in just 3 clicks, and let a loved one take your place for the duration of a match.


OGC Nice is offering you, as a subscriber, the "Programme Pouvoir d'Achat" so that you do not have to choose between passion and reason!

As in previous seasons, a set of reductions will be offered to you via your subscription, to the point of compensating for all or part of the cost!