OGC Nice - E-Gift Card

OGC Nice E-Gift Card

The ideal gift for all Gym fans, but not only!

Gift Ideas

Why would you not offer the OGC Nice's unique experience? It is now possible with our E-Gift Card🤩

Choose the amount you want to credit, and let your relatives select the game (or games pack) they want to attend.

Offer an exceptional match to your favorite OGC Nice's fan, make them discover the Allianz Riviera,... There are so many good reasons to opt for our new OGC Nice E-Gift Card🎁

I offer an e-gift card

How does the OGC Nice E-Gift Card work?

To order, offer and use our E-Gift Card, nothing could be easier :

  • Choose the amount you wish to credit from those proposed.
  • Once ordered, you will receive your E-Gift Card by e-mail (this one is obviously printable for a more beautiful gift).
  • The E-Gift Card can then be used as a type of payment for a game (or games pack), as you wish.

Find the general conditions of sale of the E-Gift Card, by clicking here.