Allianz Riviera access

Line 3 of the tramway becomes a special "Stade Foot" line (Lignes d'Azur fare) on the evenings of home matches:

- It runs from "Port Lympia" station to "Saint-Isidore" every 11 to 12 minutes from two hours before kick-off. 

- From kick-off onwards, the line runs on the same route every 15 to 20 minutes, then gradually stops one hour after kick-off. There are no trams running until the end of the match.

- At the end of the match, trams run every 4 minutes from the "Stade" station to "Port Lympia". The "Saint-Isidore" and "Stade" stations (only towards "Saint-Isidore") are exceptionally closed. 

You can use the "Stade" station in the direction of "Port Lympia".

Line 3 will gradually resume its usual service, one hour after the final whistle.

All the timetables on the website


The stadium is not only the scene of sporting performances, it is also a great place to live. As soon as you arrive on the forecourt, entertainment, music and games for all ages are waiting for you and will allow you to live a unique experience.

Located at the South access level, you will also have the opportunity to visit the official club shop before entering the stadium (open every match day, 3 hours before kick-off).